NAPTR records - support for?


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Added: 2014-10-24 16:57

I'm investigating the possibility of using NAPTR lookups from my java code and I thought I might use EagleDNS as a kind of DNS Simulator for my testing (sidenote: prefereably embedded in the test framework, but standalone will also do!)


So my questions are:

* Can I use the FileZoneProvider to define NAPTR records?

* Any tip on how the syntax for the zone file would look?

* Can EagleDNS answer NAPTR requests?


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Added: 2014-11-11 20:55

I haven't tested this myself but NAPTR records should work just fine since they are supported in the dnsjava library which Eagle DNS is built upon.

The FileZoneProvider uses the same file format as BIND so there should be at least a few examples available online of how the records should be defined in the zone files.

You should be able to integrate Eagle DNS into JUnit or a similar framework without much trouble. If you need support for relative paths etc then you could even auto generate the configuration on-the-fly if needed.