Downhill in Åre summer 2007 (39 images)

Photos from a trip to Åre during the summer of 2007 with my friend Dan Gunnarsson.

Fixing a dented rear fender on an old Volvo (21 images)

Here a few photos of how my good friend Sven-erik and I fixed a dented read fender on an Volvo 940.

The car was sent to the paint shop after this work as done. I'll update this gallery with the finished photos later on.

Mini-ITX backup server (6 images)

A very tiny passively cooled Mini-ITX machine based on a Intel D945GSEJT motherboard and a Morex T1610 aluminum case.

It contains a small 2GB Intel Z-U130 SSD that I run Linux on and a 500GB 2,5" SATA drive where I store incremental backups.

Mini-ITX HTPC/Mediacenter (16 images)

Photos of my Intel DG45FC based Mini-ITX mediacenter I recently built to replace my Tvix M4100SH.

Mini-ITX HTPC/Mediacenter (Ivy Bridge-based) (6 images)

A very clean Mini-TX HTPC based on a Intel DH77DF motherboard and a Streacom F1C Evo chassi.

Mini-ITX server (7 images)

My Mini-ITX server based on a Chenbro ES34069 case and a Intel DQ45EK motherboard.