Eagle DNS 1.1 released

Posted by Unlogic 2011-04-05 22:29 | Updated by Unlogic 2012-09-11 13:26 | 0 Comments | Tags: Eagle DNS, Nordic Peak, Open source

After more than a year in the making and with millions of DNS queries processed during several months of testing Eagle DNS 1.1 is now released.

This release brings some significant improvements regarding scalability and flexibility.

Resolvers are now pluggable just as ZoneProviders adding another dimension compared to Eagle DNS 1.0 which was a strictly authoritative server. Custom resolvers can now be added and multiple resolvers can be used simultaneously configured as a chain.

The thread pools have been updated to improve scalability and the previously built in Remote Management Interface has been made a plugin instead allowing for custom management interfaces to be added.

This release has been made possible largely by the organizations buying commercial support for Eagle DNS that I provide through Nordic Peak. The time and effort put into to this release would not have been feasible without their funding.

For the full changelog head over to the downloads page.

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