Freedom at last!

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I've always been an entrepreneur and I've never been afraid to take on new challenges.

Recently I quit my job as a consultant and team leader in order to start Nordic Peak AB with two colleges.

This enables me and my colleges to focus fully on the development of products and cloud services. It also allows us to provide much asked for commercial support for my own open source projects such as Eagle DNS and OpenHierarchy.

When the dot-com era was at it's peak I was still a teenager, however I had  a big passion for IT and big thirst for knowledge which landed me a job as a programmer at the age of 16.

When the dot-com bubble burst there was no place for overly young developers like me at most companies. So instead I started developing small products and IT-solutions on my own for various customers. This proved to be an excellent combination with my university studies since it allowed me to work a lot during the calmer periods and then put the work aside as the exams approached.

I kept doing this throughout my University studies but as my graduation drew closer I felt that there was something missing, experience.

I wanted to see how the professional IT sector that I had always dreamed about worked from the inside. So I took a job as a consultant for a smaller consulting company and for five years I stayed in the consulting business going from larger to larger companies. During this period I worked mostly as a Java developer, architect and team leader.

While the role as a consultant had a lot of glamor it also had a few downsides and it didn't take many years before I started missing the freedom of being a independent entrepreneur.

One particular thing that irritated me was that many larger IT companies today tend to focus more on their quarterly profits and shareholders than the actual IT services their providing.

I wanted to focus on giving the customers solutions based on the best available technologies with superior superior usability and at decent prices.

So after meeting the right people and after some careful thought I quit my job as a consultant and team leader in order to start Nordic Peak with two colleges.

We've worked hard this summer to build up the company from scratch including installing a fiber connection in the stone building from 1891 where we have our office which is located in central Sundsvall.

The story of the fiber installation is almost worth a post of it's own since none of us at Nordic Peak had imagined that this building would have brick walls over a meter thick.

Expect more news about my open source projects and Nordic Peak in the near future.

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