Making Firefox ask if you want to save you tabs on close

Posted by Unlogic 2012-12-12 10:17 | Updated by Unlogic 2012-12-12 10:18 | 0 Comments | Tags: Firefox, Tweaks

I've been using Firefox since the early betas. Recently I changed to a new Tablet PC and foe the first time in many I decided to create a new profile instead of just transferring my old profile using MozBackup like I've always done in the past.

This meant that I had reinstall all of my plugins and reapply all the tweaks that I had applied over the years.

One tweak however took quite a bit of searching on Google to find so I thought I'd document it here for others to find.

When you close Firefox and have multiple tabs open you can have Firefox prompt you if you want to save your open tabs or not.

This function however cannot be enabled from the standard user interface since only gives you the choice of always saving your tabs or never saving your tabs.

To enable the save prompt when closing Firefox with multiple tabs open requires only a single boolean value to changed in the about:config options.

Simply type in about:config in the address bar and then search for browser.showQuitWarning and change it's value to true.

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